Moncler Kids & Adult Hat

14.09 $

Tried & True!

״Looks like a great warm hat. Thanks for finding this! Just as an added point to keep in mind. I live in Israel and it took a while to arrive (about a month and a half). Product looks exactly like the picture you have on your site.״

“BTW ordered the Moncler hats for my kids, they arrived within less than 2 weeks and are great! Run a bit bit – it’s suitable for kids 4 and older I would say, for toddlers it is a bit big. Still, my 2 year old is using it and it’s ok, Thanks for your website, LOVE IT!!!!”

Kids Size: 42-53 cm

Adult Size: 56-59 cm

Instructions for ordering hidden brands:

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❣️ We attach here the pictures of the real product you will receive!
❣️ You choose the color/model according to the code in the picture and the size according to the size chart.
❣️ You don’t need to leave a message to the seller.
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